Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kiddy Land, where I get my cute toy fix

 I have been meaning to write about Kiddy Land since the very first weeks of my stay in Japan, it is one of my favorite places in Tokyo. Kiddy Land is a store tucked in a cute side street in Omotesando known as Cat Street. It is basically 3 floors full of the cutest animated characters the funkiest little toys.

 The first floor is filled with various cute characters like the San-X classics like Rikakkuma. They have a section devoted to Studio Ghibli films like Totoro and Ponyo. Let's just say that I lingered in this section of the store A LONG TIME and it took all my will to move on without buying any Totoros.

How cute is this Totoro baby set?

The second floor is split between toys for boys, like Lego and trains, and funky little toys (a good much made for dorks). Naturally, I went to the funky/dork section for A LONG TIME too.

Onigiri and Bento Box playing cards

Miniature Hello Kitty plastic food, you never know which one you will get!
Display of the miniature Hello Kitty plastic food
Display of miniature Rikakkuma plastic food

The second floor also has a whole row of machines where you put in coins and get fun toys to hang from cell phones, as well as other funky collectibles. I am a total sucker for these machines and I gladly give them all my money in exchange for cell-phone accessories.

These cats stack up on top of each other
For 200 Yen (~$2.40) you can get a deeply apologetic Salaryman for your phone
StarWars accessories. How awesome is this?
I was not able to take pictures of the last floor. But it is basically devoted to the Sanrio and Peanuts brands. It's full of Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Cinnamon Roll and Snoopy. Pretty sweet.

So what did I get at Kiddy Land? Check out my Mameshiba edamame phone accessory.

Still in the pack

At first sight, it looks like a little plastic edamame

Surprise! You can pop them out and the go right back in!!!

And the piece de resistance ... Mameshiba, a dog shaped bean is in the middle!

This Mameshiba edamame is part of the "Mugen" series. Mugen means infinite in Japanese, referring to a bunch of toys designed to be played with over and over again. Other Mugen favorites are designed to simulate the feeling of popping bubble wrap and opening beer cans. If you are in Tokyo, make sure you go check out Kiddy Land!

To see more toys of the Mugen Series click here

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