Saturday, March 19, 2011

Post earhquake update

Dear all,

My 85-days in Japan were cut short of two weeks due to the tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami. After much thought I decided to come home early and now I am now home in NY in the company of my husband, reflecting on everything that has happened in Japan.

Even though I am now physically in NY, my heart is still in Japan.

Over the two months that I stayed in Japan I fell in love with the country and with its people. My love is now coupled with deep admiration and respect of their shared humanity. Its all in the details of how they have coped with this tragedy. For example, the shelves in the convenience store in my town had no food or water, yet nobody looted or took advantage of the elderly couple that was selling vegetables next door.

If any of you got to enjoy or love Japan through this blog, I urge you to donate some money to the Red Cross or AmeriCares to help bring much needed provisions to the disaster victims. Even the smallest amount will help.

My thoughts and prayers are with Japan.

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