Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday in Setagaya - Part I: The Yakitori Machine

Today I met Yocchan, her husband, brother and Junchan to go to the antique/vintage market in Setagaya. It was an incredibly fun experience filled with good shopping and even better food!!!

First, we had warm, sweet sake to warm up in the cold day.

The market was full of vintage cups, plates, kimono, obi and little toys made of kimono silk cloth.

We ate all sorts of delicious street food!!! Check out the video of the yakitori machine (^o^)/!!!

I learned that those big wooden vats and huge mallets are used to make mochi. Turned out that this seller was as curious about me as I was about him. After Jin explained him that I was a visitor from Ecuador, he was all smiles and was happy when I took his picture.

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  1. que chevere que tienes un blog!
    super intersante la maquina (y divino que pones videos tambien!)
    un fuerte abrazo de la gran manzana!