Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday in Setagaya - Part II: Manekineko

After the market, he headed to Gotokuji temeple in Setagaya. This temple is very special because the manekineko, know as "beckonig cat" or "lucky cat" has its origins in this temple.

The manekineko is meant to bring good fortune or luck. So there are many manekineko at Gotokuji that people have returned to the temple once they where no longer needed.

Yocchan explained that for the Japanese, when calling for people you do with your hand raised upward and bringing your fingers forward and under. So the manekineko is not really waving to say hi as most westerners think, it is actually calling for luck or fortune.

 The plum trees are starting to bloom. I can't wait for to see them next week.

 Lastly, one more picture of Junchan because he is so sweet and I love his cheeks!!!

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